Whistleblowing Platform

Curious how Middleboard works?


Stand as a neutral third party

Reporters will be more encouraged to report because it goes through a neutral third party. We also provide transparency of the continuity of the report through status updates that automatically carried out by the system.


Data & Information Security

Employees come and go. Transfer of ownership of documents is very time consuming and requires some effort. All reports are stored in our system according to the length of subscription. Employees are also more relieved to not be afraid to save and organize incoming reports.


Automatic analysis

Analysis is run automatically by the system. Employees can do more crucial work that requires more attention. This system not only helps save work time but can also increase the productivity of employees.


Even more to offer


Public Media Monitoring Engines

Monitoring platform with crawling engine, dashboards, and analyzers with NLP and AI technology.

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Business Continuity Management Platform

Strengthening organization resilience through automated interdependencies analysis, crisis and recovery management plan, and communication plan

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Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Tools

Monitor and protect business from unwanted surveillance with the right counter surveillance tools.

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