Public Media Monitoring Engines

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Serves as the main control instrument for the Engine. The dashboard contains a list of watched hashtags, a list of sentiment categories, engine management, reporting pages, and monitoring pages. Monitoring will be displayed in real-time.


Crawler Engine

Serves to crawl in four major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, and TikTok) by the supervised hashtag in the database. The engine will collect captions, comments, likes/votes, hashtag, and semantic hashtag.


Analyzer Engine

Serves to process data and analyze public sentiment from each post and comment obtained. Posts and comments that have been analyzed will be assessed and will bedivided into 3 categories, positive, neutral, and negative. The results of the analysis can be seen on the dashboard.



Preventive effort to find digital traces of profile of individuals or corporations that can be misused by others, through different methods, mainly OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). During a crisis, digital tracing, counter surveillance, and protection play a major role in deciding whether immediate action is necessary. The crawling engine, dashboard, and analyzer will be built using the python and JavaScript programming language with the utilization of AI technology, NLP(Natural Language Processing).


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