Privacy Policy

Last modified: 29 October 2022

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") of South East Islands / PT Gugusan Pulau Tenggara ("South East Islands" or "SEI" or "Gugusan Pulau Tenggara" or "GPT" or "us") generally applies to any personal information (as defined below in the section entitled Definition of Personal Information) collected and processed by South East Islands from or about users customers (which includes its subsidiaries, affiliates and / or related organizations), service providers or business partners (hereinafter "users").

The objective of the Privacy Policy is to help you understand our practices concerning the collection, use, sharing and retention of personal information and of the choices you can make in this regard. Our platforms are also governed by applicable terms of use. By using our services, you entrust your information to us. We understand that protecting your information and providing control to you is a big responsibility and requires hard work.

Generally, by interacting and/or doing business with South East Islands and/or sending information to South East Islands in connection with using South East Islands's service (through all available channels or by any other ways), you are providing your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

This policy does not apply to third-party websites or third party services which may be accessed by clicking on links appearing on such websites, and South East Islands is not responsible for such third-party websites or services. If you follow a link to a third party website, that third party will have its own privacy policies which you should review before submitting any personal information.

In providing more adequate information, we added examples, video explanations, and definitions of the main terms. If there is any question regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us as described in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Contacting South East Islands.

2. Definition of Personal Information

When used in this Privacy Policy, personal information means "any information about an identifiable individual". This may include contact or demographic information, information relating to your communication with us or more technical information (such as user's IP addresses, usernames) but only when this information can identify you as an individual. South East Islands may use information that is anonymized and/or collected and used in accordance with what it believes to be in good faith. When using the anonymous feature, the system will use the anonymous function and define the users as anonymous.

Learn more about what personal information and non-identifiable information mean.

Personal information

Personal information may include, for example, your name, contact information, home address, telephone number, email address, information relating to your inquiry with us, any reports documented in a file or other personal or demographic information. It may also include other types of more technical information such as users' IP addresses, usernames, browser history (pages accessed, date of access, location when accessed), but only when this information can identify you as an individual.

Non-identifiable information

Personal data that is de-identified and/or aggregated and cannot be associated with an identifiable individual is not considered to be personal information. South East Islands reserves the right to conduct statistical analyses through the use of personal information and/or data collected, including the data collected from individuals who enter our platform, through our websites, platform on an anonymous and/or aggregated basis in order to understand users’ interests, improve our services and measure interest in and use of our websites and/or platform. South East Islands reserves the right to provide its analyses based on such anonymous and/or aggregated data to third parties.

3. What Personal Information Do We Collect And how?

Information Collected from or about You

In many cases, we collect personal information directly from you when you visit our premises, interact with us (inquiry), use our services, websites, platform, register to receive our newsletter or enter a contest or promotion. You will therefore know when we collect this information.

We use various technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, pixel tags, local storage, such as web browser storage or data cache applications, databases, and log servers, and other technologies. In some other cases, we may collect personal information from third parties (for example, from credit score companies or when conducting a background check) but at all times, with your prior consent and/or as authorized by law.

We may collect, including but not limited to, personal information from you in the following situations:


We may collect your name, contact information, email address, photograph you take or upload, and other similar type of information when you are interacting with us, for instance when you make an inquiry or contact South East Islands in person or through our websites, when you register to receive our newsletter, when you enter a contest or promotion, when you use our websites (if you chose to provide your information) or when you download and/or use our platform or any of our applications. When you use our chat services, we will also collect your messaging content.

Customers (companies, organizations, entities, etc)

We may collect the name, address, telephone numbers (office, home, cell), email addresses, credit report, information from government issued identification, information that is open and accessible through open source intelligence, and others.

Suppliers and Other Business Partners, as Individuals

We may collect the name, address, telephone numbers (office, cell), email addresses, IT systems activity logs and in certain circumstances, personal information collected in the context of a background check (such as employment records, credit records and criminal records).

Employment Applications

We may collect the information which you have included in your resume when you submit a job application or when you apply for a position with the South East Islands.

Other users

We also accept and analyze content, communication, and information provided by others when they use our products to provide any information related to you such as when other people send messages to you or upload, synchronize, or import your contact information.

Receipt message

If you use our services to send and receive messages, we can collect message log information, sending e-mail addresses and recipients, time and date of message, type and message volume, and other related information.

Information Collected Automatically.

In some cases, we may collect information automatically which may not necessarily identify you as an individual. This may include information collected through our platform surveillance systems, technical information collected when you visit our website, or use our platform, geolocation (if you use our platform, including anonymous data received from third parties in accordance with applicable law), demographic information (estimated gender, age) and device number information collected that you may use when you visit our platform, metadata (mobile number and date/time stamp) when you use our chat service, profile information if you use a social media account when interacting with South East Islands representatives and other information that our systems may collect.

Learn more about the type of personal information that we collect automatically.

We can collect, including but not limited to, the following types of information automatically:

Browser, Device and Technical Information

When you visit our websites, or use our platform we may use electronic means such as cookies, to collect technical information about your browser or device, and about your usage of such websites, platform. This information may include information about your visit or usage, including the IP address of your device/computer, the browser you used to access our websites, platform, your operating system, your mobile device’s address, resolution of screen, language settings in browsers, the site you came from, keywords searched (if arriving from a search engine), the number of pages viewed, as well as information you captured and advertisements you saw.

We collect this information when South East Islands service on your device contacts our server - for example, when you install the application or when the service checks automatic updates. When you use a device equipped with a South East Islands application, your device will contact the South East Islands server regularly to provide information about your device and connect to our services. This information includes things like type of device, your operator's name, damage report, application that you have installed, and, depending on your device's settings, other information about how you use your device.

Your storage

We collect information on how you use our products, such as the message you write, the features you use, the actions you take, people or accounts that interact with you, as well as time, frequency, and duration of your activity. For example, we record when you use and last time using our products, posting, and other content that you see in our products.

Network and connection

We collect information about people, accounts, and pages that are connected with you and how you interact with them throughout our products, like the people who most often communicate with you. We also collect contact information if you choose to upload, synchronize, or import it from the device (such as address books or discussion logs), which we use for things like helping you and others find people you might know and for other purposes listed below.

Information about transactions carried out on our products

If you use our products for purchases or other financial transactions, we collect information about these purchases or transactions. This includes payment information, such as your credit card or debit number and other card information, account information and other authentication, and billing details, shipping, and contacts.

For information on how you can limit the type of information that we collect, use or share about you when you visit and/or use our websites, platform, please refer to the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Right to Withdraw Consent. We may also collect and use the following type of information:

Analytics tools: We use analytics tools that let us see information about online activities users including, but not limited to, page views, sources, and time spent on our website and / or cellular applications. This information is not personalized and displayed as a number, meaning that it cannot be traced to certain individuals.

Geolocation Information: If you chose to use our platform, some functionality or services may depend on the use of your geolocation information. We will only collect such information if you choose to use such functionality or services. We may send you notifications that you chose to receive, such as reminder alerts, deals, recommendations, weekly digests and parking prompt notifications. You may manage your notification preferences directly in the platform. When you use our platform, we may gather information about your device, such as an anonymized version of your device’s address and the Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), to determine your device’s approximate location within our platform. This information is used to improve your ability to use our service and connect to our network, to manage our services, including troubleshooting, and to generate location analytics in an aggregated format, as further detailed in the section of this Privacy Policy Why Do We Collect Personal Information?. You should note that your use of our platform is also subject to our Terms of Use. Please note that recent devices may automatically generate randomized addresses.

Chat Services: When you use our chat services, we may collect metadata, such as your mobile phone number and date/time stamps, linked to your interactions. We may also gather certain information automatically from electronic communications with you and store it in log files. This information may include IP addresses as well as browser, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp and clickstream data.

Social Media: If you sign into one of our websites, a platform using a social media account such as Facebook, we will collect information that you have added in your registration profile from those accounts, and which is made available to South East Islands by default by Facebook. For instance, when you log in to our platform using your social media account, you authorize us to collect (or to receive) information about your profile, such as your name, age, gender and email address. We may also collect personal information about you from your use of social media networks you participate in (“Social Media Channels”), although at all times, in compliance with applicable privacy laws. You may also choose to participate in a third party app or feature (such as one of our Facebook app or a similar app or feature on a third party website) through which you allow South East Islands to collect (or the third party to share) information about you, (including personal information) such as details of your friends/connections, “likes”, comments you have shared, groups and location. In addition, we may receive information about you (including your personal information) if other users of a third-party website give South East Islands access to their profiles and you are one of their friends/connections or information about you is otherwise accessible through your friends’/connections’ web page, profile page, or similar page on a Social Media Channel or other third-party website or interactive service. We may supplement the information we collect about you directly with the information we receive from third parties in order to enhance our ability to serve you, to tailor our content to you and send you details of promotions and/or offers which we believe may be of interest to you, although at all times, in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

4. Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

South East Islands may use your personal information for the following purposes or otherwise, with your consent or as permitted or required by law:

General business-related purposes

South East Islands collects personal information for general business related purposes such as to manage its business, provide or deliver a product or service requested (through the use of our website, platform) or when necessary for the safety of a product or service that we provide or deliver (ensure the security of our platform, authenticate the identity of individuals contacting us, monitor to ensure that it is lawful and complies with the Terms of Use). We may also collect personal information as necessary to ensure the efficiency of the South East Islands information systems and networks, protect their reliability and security, as well as, prevent or reduce our commercial risk (internal training and quality assurance, prevention of fraud, unauthorized activities, claims and other liabilities).

Learn more about business related purposes where we collect personal information from guests, customers, suppliers, and other business partners, and job applicants.

More specifically, we can collect personal information from guests, customers, suppliers and other business partners, and applicants for the following purposes:


We collect personal information from you as guests to provide you with the information requested or to contact you in order to answer your questions, requests or inquiries, to administer the contest or promotion which you have entered, or to send you our newsletter if you have registered to receive a newsletter through one of our websites or our platform, or if we have your implied consent to send you such communications. If you have accessed, registered or signed in to one of our websites, platform, we may also collect personal information from you to complete registration, to measure and monitor traffic to the websites and/or the platform, improve the effectiveness of our websites and/or apps, or enhance the user experience. We may collect your personal information to process your request, provide and manage our services, including troubleshooting, and monitor, detect and respond to any activity that may be unlawful, harm the safety of our services, network, employees or guests, or otherwise breach an applicable agreement, such as our Terms of Use.

Moreover, we may collect anonymous information or de-identify personal information collected from our guests to understand and assess their interests and changing needs with a view to improving our products and services and developing new ones, as well as to evaluate potential improvements or other modifications to the functionality of our websites and platform.


We may collect personal information from customers to evaluate and process applications for services, prepare subscription types and to provide customers with relevant information and services during the subscription term (including special and membership services, such as investigations). We may also use customers' information for emergency, security or incident reporting for security purposes, risk management and in general, to establish, manage or terminate our business relationships.

Suppliers and other business partners

We collect personal information from suppliers and other business partners to evaluate and select them, to initiate orders, process payments, maintain our business relationship, to establish and maintain responsible business relations with clients and partners, to provide ongoing service, to protect the security of our IT systems, such as by maintaining activity logs, and to manage risk


We collect personal information from applicants for recruitment and other customary human resources purposes. For example, we may send you information about new job opportunities within the South East Islands as well as other career development resources.

Research and development purposes.

We use the information we have to develop, test, and improve our products, including by conducting surveys and research, and testing and solving product problems and new features. Subject to applicable laws and, when necessary, with your consent, we may collect and use anonymous or de-identified information to understand and assess the interests and changing needs of our guests with a view to improving our products and services and developing new ones, to measure and monitor traffic to our platform, to understand how our guests interact with our platform, and how many guests return and/or visit our other platform, to evaluate potential improvements or other modifications to the functionality of our websites, platform, as well as to improve the experience of guests at our platform, how many guests return and / or visit our platform, to evaluate other increasing or modification potential on platform functionality. Besides that we can also use the information we collect to help us develop new services.

Learn more about the internal research and development purposes for which we collect and use anonymous and de-identified information.

We may collect anonymous and de-identified information for the following internal research and development purposes:

If you visit our websites, use our platform, we will use browser, device and technical information collected to measure and monitor traffic and improve the effectiveness of our websites, platform or enhance the experience of our guests. For instance, the technologies used in our platform to consider certain demographic information about our guests (such as gender and age) and their location within our platform, on an anonymous basis, for the purpose of improving their experience. We may also track devices which have accessed and/or visited our platform or used our services, websites, platform, on an anonymous basis, for similar purposes. We may use statistical data about traffic in our platform to help us manage our platform, including choosing the most appropriate customers, and we may share this statistical information with our business partners, including our customers.

We may also use location information collected automatically, including anonymized data received from third parties in accordance with applicable laws, to generate spatial analyses in an aggregated format, which allows us to understand how our guests interact with our platform, and how many guests return and/or visit our other platform. We use this information to manage our platform and support the operational and decision-making process.

Survey and marketing purposes

Subject to you providing consent, we may use your information to contact you regarding future services and/or to conduct surveys on the quality of our products, services or customer service, to improve on-site experience or to provide you with offers for additional products and services that we feel may be of interest to you. For instance, if you access our platform using your social media account, we may collect and use information about your account (including your name, age, and email address) to inform you about promotions or offers that may be of interest to you, to tailor advertising content to your interests, and to understand the preferences and interests of our guests in order to customize how we promote our products and services on various channels and platforms, including social media channels. For more details on the type of commercial electronic messages that you may receive from us, please refer to the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Electronic Communications and Notifications. To withdraw your consent from such use, see the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Right to Withdraw Consent.

Provide, personalize, and improve our products

We use information we have to deliver our products, including to personalize features and content. We also use your information to ensure our services function according to the desired, such as tracking or solving the problem you report to us. We use your information to make improvements to our services for example, by understanding the term search terms which are most often spelled can help us improve spelling check features throughout our services.

Promote safety, integrity and security

We use information we have to verify accounts and activities, prevent dangerous behavior, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of our products, and promote safety and security inside and outside South East Islands. For instance, we use data that we have to investigate suspicious activities or violations of our requirements or policies, or to detect when someone needs help.

Protect South East Islands, our users, or public

We use information to help improve security and reliability of our services. These include detecting, preventing and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical problems that can endanger South East Islands, our users, or the public.

We use various kinds of technology to process information for this purpose. We use an automatic system that analyzes your content to provide things such as customized search results, personalized ads, or other features that are tailored to the way you use our services. And we analyze your content to help us detect abuse such as spam, malware, and illegal content. We also use algorithms to recognize patterns in data. For example, the translation feature helps people communicate between languages ​​by detecting common language patterns in the phrases you requested to be translated.

We will ask for your approval before using your information for the purpose not included in this Privacy Policy.

5. Electronic Communications and Notifications

You may receive the following types of electronic communications and notifications from South East Islands:

Electronic Notifications. You may receive electronic notifications for various purposes including to facilitate or confirm a transaction such as your subscription to our services, to provide you with information about your use of our services or your current subscription or accounts, to inform you of any incident regarding the security of your information or in order to give effect to a legal right or obligation.

We may use the information we collect, such as your email address, to interact directly with you. For instance, we might send notifications to you if we detect suspicious activities, such as login efforts to the South East Islands account from an unusual location. Or we might notify you about changes or upcoming improvements to our services. And if you contact South East Islands, we will keep your request note to help resolve any problems you might face.

Commercial Electronic Messages. You may receive commercial electronic messages (CEMs) from South East Islands if we have your consent to send you CEMs.

Learn more about the type of consents that we may rely on.

Express Consent. You can verify that you have provided consent to South East Islands (or verify the status of your consent) please contact our privacy officer at the contact number or email address provided in the Contacting South East Islands section of this Privacy Policy.

Implied Consent. South East Islands may infer your implied consent if: (i) we have an existing business relationship with you or had a business relationship with you which terminated less than two years ago (for instance, you purchased our services, or registered to use our platform, etc.); (ii) we have received an inquiry from you within the last 6 months; and/or (iii) you have provided your electronic address to South East Islands and the CEM sent by South East Islands complies with any legislation.

For more information on how you may unsubscribe from receiving such commercial electronic messages (CEMs) please refer to the section in this Privacy Policy entitled Right to Withdraw Consent.

6. Your Consent

In general, by interacting and/or doing business with us, visiting our platform, subscribing to our newsletter and/or submitting information to us in connection with using South East Islands services, visiting, interacting with and/or using our websites, platform, you are providing your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy and, if applicable, the South East Islands Website and Mobile app Terms and Conditions Of Use and/or the Terms of Use. In certain circumstances, your personal information may be collected, used or disclosed without consent in case of an emergency, when authorized by law (for example, to detect or prevent fraud or an illegal activity) or when required to comply with a court order or a similar type of requirement.

Please note that South East Islands may rely on a legal basis other than consent if the General Data Protection Regulation applies. Learn more about when we may collect, use or disclose your personal information without consent.

Exceptions to consent requirement. In certain circumstances, your personal information may be collected, used or disclosed without consent.

These exceptional circumstances may include:

For external processing

We provide personal information to our affiliates and other trusted businesses or people to process the information for us based on our instructions and by adhering to the privacy policies and secrecy and other security measures sufficient. For example, we may use service providers to help operate our data center, provide our products and services, improve our internal business processes, and offer additional support for customers and users.

For legal purposes

We will share your personal information out of South East Islands if we are confident in good intentions that access, use, storage, or disclosure of information are needed for:

- Comply with laws, regulations, applicable legal proceedings or government requests that must be fulfilled. We share information about the number and type of request that we receive from the government in our transparency report.

- Meet applicable service requirements, including potential violations investigations.

- Detect, prevent, or handle fraud, security, or technical problems.

- Protect from the threat to the rights, property or security of the South East Islands, our users, or the public as required or permitted by law.

We can share information that is not personal identity information to the public and our partners - such as publishers, advertisers, developers, or rights holders. For example, we share information to the public to display trends about general use of our services. We also allow certain partners to gather information from your browser or device for advertising purposes and advertising measurements using their own cookies or technologies.

Where it is clearly in the interest of the individual and consent cannot be obtained in a timely way, such as in emergencies, where the life, health or safety of the individual is threatened, or where legal, medical or security reasons make it impossible or unrealistic to obtain consent.

When information is being collected, used or shared for the detection, prevention of or remediation of the breach of an agreement, fraud or other illegal activity, and the collection of consent might defeat the purpose of collecting the information; and

to comply with a subpoena, warrant or other court order, requests received from law enforcement authorities, or as may be otherwise required or authorized by law or any competent regulatory authority.

If South East Islands is involved in merger, acquisition, or asset sales, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and notify the user affected before personal information is transferred or subject to a different privacy policy.

7. Right to Withdraw Consent

Consent may be withdrawn at any time; however, without such consent, South East Islands may in some cases limit the services it can offer you and/or South East Islands may be unable to enter into a business relationship, maintain such relationship and/or interact with you, but only to the extent that your personal information is necessary for those purposes. You may also withdraw your consent from the use or sharing of your personal information for marketing purposes or any collection of information from cookies.

Learn more about when and how you may withdraw consent for marketing purposes and collection of cookies.

You may withdraw your consent as follows:

Mail or Telephone Solicitation and Quality control communications

You may decide that you prefer South East Islands not use your personal information to promote new and/or additional products and/or services which may be of interest to you, not share your information with our affiliates, subsidiaries from our platform and not contact you by mail or telephone for marketing purposes or by email or telephone for quality control purposes. If this is the case, you may advise us by emailing us at

Commercial Electronic Messages

You can withdraw your consent for the marketing and commercial electronic communications that South East Islands sends to you, at any time. To opt-out of marketing and commercial communications, simply click on the link entitled “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” which can be found at the bottom of any commercial electronic communication we send to you. Please note that even if you opt-out of marketing and commercial communications, we may still contact you when required by law.

Option related to Cookies

When visiting or using our websites and/or platform, you can, at any time, block the use of cookies by activating the settings in your browser. The “Help” feature on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. If you choose to not accept cookies, or subsequently block cookies, you may not be able to access all or a part of the content of our websites and/or platform. Additionally, you can disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons, by changing the add-ons` settings or visiting the website of its developer.

8. Sharing of Personal Information

Personal information about our users will not be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties without your approval. However, South East Islands may disclose personal information when authorized by law or share your personal information with its affiliates, subsidiaries operating from its platform, for purposes related to service providers that are retained to perform work on our behalf, as well as in the context of a business transaction (for example in the context of a merger or sale of our business).

Learn more about when we can share your personal information.

South East Islands may share personal information as follows:

Affiliates and Business Partners

Subject to our users rights under the Right to Withdraw Consent section found in this Privacy Policy, South East Islands may share personal information with its affiliates, subsidiaries, operating from our platform, for purposes related to marketing the services offered by South East Islands, its affiliates, subsidiaries, at all times in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Third Party Service Providers

We may hire service providers, which may be affiliates, to perform services on our behalf. This may include, without limitation, a person or an organization retained by South East Islands to perform work on its behalf. We provide them with a limited amount of information which is necessary in order for them to provide the services required and ensure that they have entered into contractual arrangements that provide adequate protection of your personal information. They are prohibited from using the information for purposes other than to carry out the services they have been engaged to provide. These service providers are not permitted to disclose this information to others.

As Permitted or Required by Law

From time to time, South East Islands may disclose your personal information if such disclosure is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, as part of the administration of our loss prevention program, or as otherwise permitted by law, for instance if South East Islands is compelled to disclose personal information in response to a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, valid summons, search warrant, government investigation, other legally valid request or investigation or if reasonably necessary to protect the rights and safety of others or ourselves. We may also disclose information to our accountants, auditors, agents and lawyers in connection with the enforcement or protection of our legal rights. We also reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we, in good faith, believe to be unlawful or to law enforcement and emergency services providers, in an emergency or where required or permitted by law.

Business Transactions

We may disclose personal information to a third party in connection with a corporate merger, acquisition, consolidation, the sale of a portion of our business, business unit, or other fundamental corporate change, whatever form it may take. However, in the event the transaction is completed, your personal information will remain protected by applicable privacy laws. In the event the transaction is not completed, we will require the other party not to use or disclose your personal information in any manner whatsoever and to completely delete such information.

We can restrict more user access to help prevent abuse. For example, we will remove developer access to data if you do not use the application in a year, and we can change the login, so in the next version, we will reduce data that can be requested by the developer system without reviews on application.

9. Security

South East Islands maintains reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards in an effort to protect against unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure of personal information in our custody and control. Unfortunately, no collection or transmission of information over the Internet or other publicly accessible communications networks can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.

You acknowledge that: (i) there are security limits and internet privacy that are out of the control of the Middleboard; (ii) Security, availability, integrity, and privacy of each and all information and data exchanged between you and the South East Islands through our website and platform cannot be guaranteed; and (iii) any information and data can be seen or damaged in the course of a third party. Therefore, we cannot confirm or guarantee the security of the information. If there is a security incident on your personal information collected and stored by the South East Islands based on this Privacy Policy, we can contact you via email, letter, telephone, or through other safe communication forms.

All South East Islands products are made with strong security features that protect your information continuously. The analysis we get by maintaining our services helps us detect and automatically block security threats so as not to reach you. And if we detect something at risk that requires your attention, we will tell and provide guidance steps so you remain protected.

We work hard to protect you and South East Islands from unauthorized access, change, disclosure, or deletion of information that we save, including:

-We use encryption to keep your data private while transit

-We can offer a variety of security features, such as safe browsing, security checks, and 2 step verification to help protect your account

-We review our information collection, storage, and processing practices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our system

-We limit access to personal information only to employees, contractors, and South East Islands agents that need this information to process it. Anyone who has this access is subject to the obligation of the confidentiality of a firm contract, and can be subject to sanctions or dismissed if it fails to fulfill this obligation.

10. Retention of Personal Information

We have personal information retention processes and retention schedules designed so that we retain users` personal information for no longer than reasonably necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy or to meet our legal obligations.

11. Location, Storage and Cross-Border Transfer

Your personal information is stored in secured locations and on servers controlled by South East Islands or its service providers, located either at our facilities or at the facilities of our service providers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, South East Islands and its third-party service providers may process or store your personal information outside the country you are residing in. In accordance with the laws of those countries, in certain circumstances your personal information may be accessed by foreign law enforcement, regulatory bodies or other authorities.

We share information globally, both internally in South East Islands, and externally with our partners and with those who are connected and shared with you throughout the world according to this policy. Your information can, for example, be transferred or sent to, or stored and processed in other countries outside your residence for the purpose as described in this policy.

This data transfer is needed to provide services specified in the South East Islands requirements and to operate and provide our products globally to you. In accordance with the laws of these countries, in certain circumstances your personal information can be accessed by foreign law enforcers, the regulatory body or other authority.

Data protection laws differ from countries. Some countries can provide more protection than other countries. Regardless of which your information is processed, we apply the same protection as described in this policy. We also adhere to certain legal frameworks related to data transfer.

When we receive an official written complaint, we will respond by contacting the person who sent the complaint. We work with the proper legal authority, including the local data protection authority, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of your data that we cannot directly resolve with you.

For more information about our practices and policies regarding the use of foreign service providers, please contact us as described in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled Contacting South East Islands.

12. Children

South East Islands recognizes the importance of safeguarding the privacy of children and encourages parents to regularly check and monitor their children’s use of online activities. Our services (including our websites, platform) are not intended for children under the age of eighteen (18). If you are under the age of eighteen (18) please do not use our services (including our websites, platform) and if you are over the age of eighteen (18) but under the age of majority in the province in which you reside, you should use our services (including our websites, platform) only with the guidance and permission of a parent or legal guardian.

No personal information is deliberately or knowingly collected from children under the age of eighteen (18) by South East Islands without parental consent. If we are informed that we have collected personal information of a child under the age of eighteen (18) or the applicable legal age in the country of residence of the child, we will delete any personal information related to such child.

13. Updating and Accessing Your Information

Your right of access: you have the right to ask us if we are using or storing your personal information. You can also ask us for copies of such personal information.

Your right to add information: you have the right to ask us to add information to complete information you deem incomplete/inaccurate.

To exercise your rights, please contact our privacy officer at the contact number or email address provided in the Contacting South East Islands section below.

14. Device information

As explained below, we may collect information from and about computers, telephone, connected TV, and other devices connected to the web that you use integrated with our products, and we combine this information on the various devices you use. For example, we use information gathered about your use of our products on your mobile to find out the features you see better when you use our products on other devices, such as your laptop or tablet.

The information we get from this device can include:

-Device attributes: information such as operating systems, hardware versions and software, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, name and type of application and file, and plugin.

-Device operation: information about operations and behaviors made on the device, such as whether the window is in the foreground or background, or mouse movement (which can help distinguish humans from the bot).

-Identifier related: unique identifier, device ID, and other identifiers, such as from the application, or account you use, and family device ID (or other unique identifiers related to the same device or account).

-Device signal: Bluetooth signal, information about the nearest Wi-Fi access point, flare, and cellphone pole.

-Data from device settings: The information you allow us to receive through the settings of the device you activated, such as access to the GPS location, camera, or your photo.

-Network and connection: information such as the name of your cellular operator or ISP, language, time zone, cell phone number, IP address, connection speed, in some cases, information about other devices around or on your network, so we can do it Things like helping you stream videos from cellphones to TV.

-Data cookies: data from cookies stored on your device, including Cookie IDs and settings. Learn more about how we use cookies in South East Islands Cookie policy.

15. How We Work Together

South East Islands shares infrastructure, systems, and technology with other parties to provide innovative, relevant, consistent, and safe experiences in all South East Islands products that you use. We also process information about you for this purpose, as permitted by applicable law and in accordance with their terms and policies. We also work to understand how people use and interact with South East Islands products, such as understanding the number of unique users on different South East Islands products.

16. Preserving Your Information

We maintain data that we collect in different periods of time, depending on the type of data, the way we use it, and how you configure your settings:

We maintain some data until you delete your South East Islands account, such as information about how often you use our services. And some of our data is maintained for a longer period of time when needed for legal business or legal reasons, such as security, fraud prevention and abuse, or financial records.

17. Changes to Privacy Policy

South East Islands reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by notifying you of the existence of a new Privacy Policy.

South East Islands will also give you the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using our products. We will not reduce your rights to this privacy policy without your explicit consent. We always show the last date of change published and we provide access to an archived version for your review. If there are significant changes, we will provide clear notifications (including, for certain services, email notifications about changes in the privacy policy).

Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to, posting on our websites and our platform. If the changes are significant, we will provide a more visible notice or obtain consent when required by law. Your continued use of our services, websites, platform after such modifications will constitute your acknowledgement of the modified Privacy Policy and your agreement to abide and be bound by the modified Privacy Policy.

This version does not substantively change the way we treat personal information compared to the previous version of the Privacy Policy.