About South East Islands (SEI)

We build products and provide services that help organizations or individuals gain insight faster to generate positive impact.

SEI's mission is to enable organizations or individuals to gain insight at a glance through our intelligence products and services, for which we have high domain expertise. We believe in our values: innovation, trust, and positive impacts. Our positive results come through our collaboration with our partners, users and communities in the areas where our business operates.

Officially established in 2020, the South East Islands (PT Gugusan Pulau Tenggara) initially founded SEI Times and has started developing intelligence products and services to date. Initially formed as a security company, SEI developed into an information intelligence company in Indonesia. Equipped with a highly experienced team and backed by caliber partners, the South East Islands has the right support system to enter the intelligence domain.

Domain Expertise

As the largest information intelligence ecosystem in Indonesia and the leading in Asia, the South East Islands aims to be involved and committed to developing the critical projects that users need to make a positive impact. We provide a wide range of products and business solutions to offer our users comprehensive value.

We provide everything from a whistleblowing platform as an internal reporting channel to a public media monitoring engine for crawling publicly published information. Our partners range from lecturers from top universities, private media investigators to digital anthropology so we have the flexibility and deep expertise our users can rely on.

Our team continuously works hard to identify loopholes in the intelligence domain that are fundamentally needed by our users to protect their businesses, and simultaneously contribute to our research and development periodically. Our passion for innovation and development encourages us to keep delivering impact, while staying true to our values.